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Consultations & Fees

Our consultation fee at this time is

$200 for up to an hour

Each case is unique and every client’s needs and goals are as well.  While we believe our fees are competitive in the areas of law we practice, depending on your matter, we can offer a flat fixed fee or hourly fees. Most cases will require an analysis before quoting a fee, however, there are cases such as Wills, Trusts, and Real Estate matters that are fairly consistent flat fees which we can quote you over the phone.  In all cases, you will sign either a Retainer Agreement or receive a Letter of Engagement, outlining both your fee structure and the scope of representation.



We can accommodate your schedule! 

The consultation fee for a weekend or after normal business hours meeting does increase to

$400 for up to an hour

The consultation fee is not hourly, it is a flat fee.  Although we try and schedule our consultations around the half hour or full hour time blocks, we will give you all the time you need.  We accept payment of cash/check and all major credit cards.


Every law firm is different and others may offer free consultations.  We do not offer free consultations for a number of reasons. As lawyers, the value that we have to offer is our time and advice. We handle a large call volume each month.  If we were to meet with someone who wants to discuss their potential or ongoing cases with our firm without paying, this would set aside many hours that we would be spending on our current client's cases and meeting their needs. Different law firms will have administrative staff screen your case, whereas you will meet face-to-face with an attorney in our office. Our attorneys will sit down and have a detailed discussion of the issues in your matter. Proper analysis requires time. We will work hard to get your case analyzed, explain to you the possible options, the risks involved, the benefits to be had, and most importantly, give you honest answers to your questions.     

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